Using a steam mop instead of a cleaner to scrub reduces the need for a harsh cleaner; instead, steam mops vacuum and sanitize using the pure and raw heat of steam. Consider these to be mostly floor units. Handheld steam cleaner in Noida, on the other hand, do away with the use of harsh washing chemicals.

Steam cleaners are particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers because they not only scrub surfaces of dust and other toxins and debris, but they even disinfect and sanitize without using harsh chemicals that can exacerbate allergies, asthma, and multiple chemical exposures.

Although steam cleaners may tend to be an expensive investment at first, they ultimately pay for themselves by reducing the need for additional cleaning equipment and many, if not all, cleaning supplies. Steam cleaners are not only a safe and organic cleaning option but also a powerfully efficient one, since they use heated, vaporized water to loosen dirt and contaminants from flooring and other surfaces or materials.

Depending on the preferences and the things you choose to scrub, there are many different types of steam cleaners to choose from. Of course, and form cleans, and disinfects in a normal, sterile, and efficient manner, helping to keep you and your family healthy.

Model No -Skywap

Technical Specification

  • Model – SKYVAP
  • Steam pressure – 4 bar.
  • Temperature max C – 145 Degree C
  • Boiler Capacity – 2.4 ltr.
  • Boiler power – 2000 W
  • Weight Kg – 8 kg

Slandered Accessories

  • As Per describe on box


  • Use in Kitchen, Floor, Car , Curtains
    For Bacteria Free Area