Floors are polished to a high gloss sheen. The Keemoto floor scrubber polisher machine in Delhi achieves excellent results when polishing parquet, laminate, marble, PVC, cork, or linoleum. The triangular form for polishing in corners, which contains several new features, guarantees this. Suction for polishing dust is included!


For deep cleaning and polishing surfaces, we sell a high-quality single disc floor scrubber unit. Our floor scrubber polisher machine in Gurgaon has a unit with a high RPM brush or cleaning pad that uses chemical water to scrub the floor. Our floor scrubber system is commonly used to dust, buff, and polish marble, stone, hardwood, epoxy, and PVC floors.


The unit uses high-speed rotating to dig deep into dirt and build-up with the scrubbing brush, leaving your floors looking lighter and cleaner. Using the same concept as the polishing mats, wooden floors may be buffed and restored to a brilliant, glossy appearance, as well as diminish or erase scratches, stains, and scuffs.


Our floor scrubber polisher machine in Delhi location is suitable for use in homes, workplaces, stores, sports centers, and classrooms. They are also outstanding pieces of machinery for cleaning firms.


You can polish streaks, bruises, and markings from wooden floors with one of the many polishing pads included with these floor scrubber/polisher units, and buff the floor to a perfect shiny finish.

Model KM2HP

Technical Specification

  • Hourly performance (m2/h) – NA
  • Brush dia (mm) – 430
  • Max. Brush pressure kg – NA
  • Brush rotation speed Rpm – 155-165
  • Brush motor power (w) – 1500
  • Vacuum Motor Power (w) – NA
  • Max. Speed (km/h) – NA
  • Solution / Recovery tank (ltr) – 11 L/NA
  • Net weight-kg – 44
  • No. of batteries – NA
  • battery voltage-v – NA
  • Squgee Width mm – NA
  • Cable (m) – 12

Floor Scrubber & Polisher-KM2HP

Floor Scrubber & Polisher-KM-06

Floor Scrubber & Polisher-C18

Floor Scrubber & Polisher-M18XL

Floor Scrubber & Polisher-KM-13