Technical Data: GT110

  • Cleaned track width – 630mm
  • Squeegee width-855
  • Hourly performance-3520m2/h
  • Brush dia-630mm
  • Max. Brush pressure-32kg
  • Brush rotation speed-170Rpm
  • Brush motor power-400wX2
  • Max. Speed-5.5km/h
  • Suction motor power – 400w
  • Solution / Recovery tank -80+85ltr
  • weight-160 kg
  • No. of batteries-4 or 2
  • Series battery voltage-24 v Standered Accessories

Standered Accessories

  • Pad Holder,Hard Brush, Squgee Set


  • Designed for the maintenance and deep cleaning of large areas (up to 3200 sqm.)with a very important reduction of cleaning cost.
  • Very compact size and great maneuverability like walk behind models: suited for maintenance cleaning. 32 kg. of constant pressure on the brushes.
  • Double counter rotating brush (66 cm of scrubbing width) obtaining better stability and constant pressure.
  • Great working autonomy (till 4.5 hours) thanks to the possibility to use 4.